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Your next trip to Lapland

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A magical winter visit to Lapland – Make memories to last a lifetime with Mundana’s expert help

Have you ever dreamt of visiting a winter wonderland?

Beyond the Arctic Circle lies a magical region where herds of reindeer paw at the icy ground to graze on lichen and teams of energetic huskies draw sleds along forest trails. Under its blanket of snow, all is quiet, save for the tramp of snowshoes, the swish of cross-country skis and the short-lived interruption of a passing snowmobile. As darkness falls – and it happens early this far north – stars twinkle like diamonds against an ink-black sky untroubled by light pollution. If you’re lucky, the ethereal green ribbons of the Aurora Borealis will dance above you.

If you insist that this sounds like a fantasy world, we’d understand, but this place really exists. This is the place they call Sápmi, home to the Sámi people. We know it as Lapland, a captivating region located in the far north of Scandinavia, comprising parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Yet despite its extreme latitude, it’s surprisingly easy to reach.

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If you want to find out how we can tailor make an itinerary for you, talk to one of our advisors. Whether you have a few ideas of your own or are happy to put your vacation in our hands, discussing your plans with us makes sense. After all, our job is to make you happy and make sure your trip is packed full of amazing experiences. So, fill out the form below and get in touch.

Imagine the possibilities

Here at Mundana, we understand that everyone’s different. Perhaps you’re longing to get started on your bucket list with a stay at the famous Ice Hotel. If you’re a parent of a small child, you’ll know how exciting the prospect of a visit to Santa Claus would be. Those who love to get outdoors and be active will relish the opportunity to ski, hike or ride fat bikes in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. Meanwhile those with a keen interest in food, history or culture may wish to combine their stay in Lapland with a few nights in a city further south – how does Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki sound?

Are you traveling with children?

Traveling with youngsters can be an adventure, in every single sense of the word! We help you plan the best trip for you and the kids so you all will enjoy the family vacation of your dreams.

Our advisors can help you create a bespoke itinerary which ticks all the boxes. Whether we’re starting with some ideas you already have or figuring out a plan from scratch, we’ll work hard to ensure that the trip we design is everything you want and then some. We know how important it is to get every element of your vacation just right, so we’ll work with you, making suggestions but above all listening to what you tell us. That process can start today if you fill out the form below and get in touch.

With an area as vast as Lapland, it can be hard to know where to begin. Numerous questions spring to mind. How long do you need to do it justice? Which country should you choose? Which hotels are the most sought after? What type of transport’s best when you need to get around? How do you know you’ve not overlooked must-do activities? 

And as you wrap your head around all those things, there’s good news: in Lapland, although it’s easy to immerse yourself in nature, you don’t need to sacrifice home comforts to do so. The seasonal boost to tourism translates to excellent transport links, high quality accommodation and a wide range of tours and activities designed to help you get the most out of your stay. Here at Mundana, our experts will make all the arrangements, drawing on their experience and contacts to create the holiday of a lifetime.


What we’ve described here is just a brief introduction to what you can expect if you visit Lapland. Get in contact and together we can flesh out some of the details.

Your holiday dream can become a reality with a simple click of a mouse, so why not take that first step and plan a winter trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life?

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