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We are all for the love of travel and exploring new places, but we also know that we can’t always find enough time to fit in that big trip. Sometimes what’s in order is something a little closer to home. Swap your vacation for a staycation or daycation: here’s how you can reap the benefits of travelling without straying too far from home.

Make the most of your time off

Taking a staycation gives you time to focus on everything that’s important at home. It is a time for resting, recovering from the stress of everyday life and for recharging rundown souls. Take the time to have a facial, enjoy a full body massage or get a new haircut. You’ll feel a whole lot better for it. A visit to a day spa can be every bit as pampering as booking treatments in our vacation hotel, yet by saving on the hotel cost, you’ll free up money to spend on you. The same can be applied to food – treat yourself to a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant in your local area.

Follow the Asian example

We put a lot of emphasis into styling our homes and gardens, but how often do we actually enjoy our surroundings? The clutter and mess of our everyday environment can add to our stress levels, yet the pressure of work makes it hard to fit in a spring clean. Use your staycation to streamline your home. The Konmari process is fashionable at the moment, thanks to the hit Netflix show. Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo encourages followers to throw out anything that doesn’t bring joy. Asia also gives us Feng Shui, an ancient practice focused on energy flow. But the east doesn’t have a monopoly on getting rid of negative energy. The North Americans practised saging. This cleansing ritual is thought to clear the air and promote mindfulness.

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A hotel for a day

Part of the thrill of travel is to experience a fancy hotel. There’s something about being a guest that makes you feel special. The latest concept in travel is the daycation. Forget vacations or even staycations, savvy travellers are now booking up for the day. Specialist providers such as DayBreak Hotels pair time-poor tourists with centrally located luxury hotels. Take advantage of a daytime room at discounted rates to rest the kids, chill out before a theatre night out or savour a scrumptious hotel afternoon tea. It’s a great way of tapping into the luxury holiday market to figure out which kind of hotel suits your needs and personality without having to invest your whole holiday allowance to do so.

Be a tourist in your own backyard

Booking a hotel in your nearest city, even for a night, is enough to give you that precious holiday feeling. Tackle your itinerary just as you would for a trip further afield – read relevant blogs and magazine articles, ask tour operators such as Mundana for their expert recommendations and hit up concierges for tips on hidden gems. You’ll be surprised at how much you can discover in an environment that you thought was familiar. Visit a museum or gallery, climb a tower, take a boat trip – there’s no end to what you can do. Alternatively, head out into the countryside and make the most of the great outdoors. Perhaps there’s a great beach nearby or some dunes to bash? The options are endless. Best of all, at the end of your trip, you won’t have that energy-sapping long journey home to contend with.


However you choose to use it, your free time is precious. Vacation, staycation or daycation – they’re all better than work, unless of course, like the Mundana team, you’re lucky enough to work in the travel industry. Why not give us a call and find out what we can teach you about your local area?

You don’t need a vacation to grab some vital holiday time

written by Julia Hammond written by Sharifa Albadi

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