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Ghana is one of West Africa’s most enticing countries. Unspoilt beaches and lush forest provide a breathtaking backdrop to the many historical sites. Meanwhile in its vibrant cities, its rich cultural heritage and a warm welcome are equally compelling. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself but don’t know where to start, here’s what to see on a visit to Ghana.

Explore the castles at Elmina and Cape Coast

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The slavery era was one of the darkest periods in Ghanaian history and today, Elmina and Cape Coast have an intense poignancy. From there, many thousands of enslaved Africans were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to an uncertain fate. Visitors today can barely imagine the horrific conditions as they stand in the castle dungeons and peer out from the “door of no return”. Don’t rush your visit to these thought-provoking places; it’s important to allow time for reflection.

Witness Kakum National Park’s abundant wildlife

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This coastal rainforest reserve makes an easy introduction to Ghana’s natural beauty. A canopy walkway threads its way through the treetops, one of only three in Africa. The park’s abundant wildlife includes forest elephants, buffalo, duikers, hogs, pangolins and civets. Up above, you’ll also see plenty of birds, such as hornbills, parrots, woodpeckers and orioles.

Visit Teshie’s colourful coffin makers

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Just outside Accra you’ll find the coffin makers of Teshie. In rustic workshops, artisans fashion pieces of wood into elaborate coffins. But these are no ordinary caskets. Here, you can commission any design you like. Watch as the skilled craftsmen create birds, planes and even mobile phones for a final journey with a uniquely Ghanaian flourish.

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Go fabric shopping at Kumasi’s vast market

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The busy market in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city, is the region’s biggest. There are hundreds of stalls at this city centre market, also known as Kejetia Market. They sell clothing, jewellery, handicrafts and food. Visitors should seek out the brightly coloured Ashanti kente cloth which they not only weave here but also make into clothing. Its name means basket, a reference to the iconic pattern in the fabric.

Book a safari in Mole National Park

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Mole National Park is a bit of a trek from the coast. However, if you’re prepared to travel this far inland then you’ll enjoy bragging rights that come with a visit to this off the beaten track destination. Moreover, there are around 90 species of mammal here, including elephants, warthogs, antelopes, baboons and waterbucks.

Take a stroll through historic Jamestown


Jamestown is one of the most fascinating parts of Accra. People first settled here in the 17th century to serve the needs of James Fort. Today it’s a colourful – if a little run down – fishing port whose close-knit community will be only too happy to welcome you to their neighbourhood. Join the kids for a kick about on the beach or watch them train at one of the popular boxing gyms.

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What to see on a visit to Ghana

written by Julia Hammond

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