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Long flights can be tedious, exhausting and stressful. At Mundana we know this, but we also know all the tricks for surviving such journeys. If you’re planning to travel long haul any time soon, read our travel hacks for long flights before you leave home.

1. Upgrade if you’re able

If you are planning a long flight and can afford it or find a deal, get a Business or First class ticket. If you are a frequent flyer and have enough miles this is the time to upgrade. It will be worth it, we promise. If you are flying economy, it’s a good idea to pick your seat in advance to ensure you get a comfortable spot. Extra legroom really comes into its own when the hours are clocking up. If that’s not within your budget or they’re unavailable, get up at regular intervals to stretch your legs.

2. Pack smart

Organisation is key. Make sure you have a travel friendly bag that is light and has different compartments. Do not overpack – you do not want to be hauling around things you do not need at either end. In your carry-on, we suggest packing noise-cancelling headphones to cocoon you from your surroundings. Ensure you have plenty to entertain you during the flight – books, magazines, music and more. You might want to kit yourself out with a pair of comfortable socks and a lavender eye mask. If you’re flying economy, pack some travel-sized moisturiser, a pack of wet wipes, mouthwash and a toothbrush for when you need to freshen up.

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3. Eat for altitude

Tempting as it is to grab a burger and fries before your flight you will end up feeling sluggish and bloated on the flight. Try to stick to healthy options such as salads and smoothies. Stay hydrated. Though the cabin crew will supply water, it’s convenient to have a bottle at your seat. Think of the environment and avoid single use plastic by refilling your own water bottle once airside. If you like to snack, pack nuts for an energy boost and perhaps some boiled sweets to soothe your ears during the descent.

4. Share nicely

In the confined space of the cabin, it’s easy for tempers to fray, particularly when everyone’s tired. Be considerate to others. Recline your seat gradually and warn the person behind first. Sit upright during meals. Make sure you’re not being too noisy. No one wants to listen to your conversation so keep the volume set to private. Be careful not to knock the seat in front and never, ever go barefoot. If travelling with young children, make sure they are fully occupied when awake and behaving appropriately.

Have you any foolproof tips that you could share with us here at Mundana? We’d love to hear your travel hacks for long flights too.

Travel hacks for long flights

written by Sharifa Albadi

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