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Air travel is part and parcel of going on vacation. Often to reach our preferred destination we have to fly. On those occasions when we rule out slower means of transport due to time constraints or geography, we find ourselves sitting on a plane. No matter what class of ticket you hold, here at Mundana we have some tips for making your flight more pleasant.

Stay hydrated

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Flying can be hard on the body. The low humidity of the air in the cabin can cause dehydration. So what changes will contribute towards making your flight more pleasant? While for some of us it can be tempting to accept the alcoholic drinks that are offered, what we should be drinking is water. Carry a refillable bottle to top up once you get airside or ask the cabin crew for a glass as and when you need it. You might also find it’s helpful to carry eye drops, a nasal spray and a good moisturiser to use during the flight or when you reach your destination.

Plan to stay occupied

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Even short haul flights can sometimes feel interminably long. Though we’ve come to expect excellent in-flight entertainment, sometimes it does go wrong – and in any case, sometimes we just need a break from the screen. Plan for this when working out the contents of your carry-on bag. Pack a novel or colouring book and pencils or try some puzzles. Pop a deck of cards or a travel-sized board game into your carry-on. Challenge your travelling companion to a trivia test: how many of the 50 US states can you name for instance? Indulge a hobby. If you’re keen to knit or crochet to pass the time, check the airline’s website. Most allow needles on board but it’s best to be sure.

Listen to music

Flying can be stressful and it’s sometimes good to have a distraction. One of the best ways to make your flight more pleasant is to listen to music. Download some of your favourite tunes onto a phone or other portable electronic device and make sure they’re fully charged before you board. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones. If they fit snugly over your ears they’ll be comfortable to use, and they have the added benefit of shielding your choice of sounds from nearby passengers who may not share your taste in music.

Choose a window seat

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If there are no clouds blocking your view, on a daytime flight it can be fun to gaze out of the window. Seen from above, landscapes are a real feast for the eyes: corrugated mountains, snaking rivers and tangled salt marshes all look incredible from the air. You might witness a dreamy sunrise or glorious sunset. During landing and take-off, you’ll enjoy stellar views of city skyscrapers. Even on a night flight you could be in for a treat. For instance, when travelling during the winter, you might get to see the Northern Lights.

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Incorporate exercise into your flying routine

Being stationary for extended periods isn’t good for our bodies but in the confined space of an airplane seat it’s not always easy to move as much as we’d like. Unless the seatbelt signs are switched on, it’s a good idea to take a walk around the cabin at regular intervals, particularly on a long haul flight. But even if you are instructed to remain in your seat, there are exercises you can do. Raising and lowering your legs, rotating arms and ankles and stretching your neck will all help. In-flight magazines and entertainment systems will often explain and exemplify what you can do.

Work out what you need to sleep

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Sleeping on planes can be tricky, so what will it take to get you off to the land of nod? Firstly, choose roomy clothes and comfortable shoes. Some travellers swear by travel pillows, though they can be bulky to carry and not ideal for those travelling light. You might also feel the benefit of an eye mask and earplugs. If you can afford to, upgrade – using cash or points. Overnight flights in flat beds rather than upright seats are likely to be far more pleasant. Opt to eat before you board. It means you can get a bit more shut-eye and not be disturbed during the meal service. Choosing your seat carefully can also help. For instance, you’re more likely to be disturbed if you’re located near an onboard toilet. Finally, keep your seat buckle on display so that the cabin crew can see you’re safely belted in without having to wake you to check.

Pack mindfully

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Many passengers fear lost luggage – or bags temporarily missing after tight connections. Couple that with the trend for airlines to charge for hold luggage and it’s no surprise that storage can be tight. On crowded routes, the overhead bins often get full. You may be asked to place a bag under the seat in front of you. Think about how much you really need to carry with you. Confine yourself to a bag that will squish down and fit into a small space, freeing up room for your feet.

Leave plenty of time for connections

Nothing ruins a flight more than spending the whole time you’re in the air worrying about whether you’ll miss a connection. Do your research before you make a booking. For instance, think about how long it will take to transit a large airport. Find out whether your bags can be checked through to your final destination. You may have to allow time to recheck them. It’s far less stressful to book flights with a generous layover. You can always grab a coffee or browse the airport’s boutiques to kill time.

Now you can be confident about making your flight more pleasant, all you’ve got to do is choose somewhere to jet off. Let the team at Mundana help with that – we can inspire, advise and arrange your next trip if you get in touch.

Tips for making your flight more pleasant

written by Julia Hammond

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