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There’s something utterly soothing about a holiday beside the water, but it doesn’t need to be the ocean. Here are Mundana’s picks for the world’s prettiest lakes.


Slovenia’s most famous lake is a charmer, instantly recognisable because of the church on the island in the middle. And did you know, that island is the only one in the whole country? Team it with a city stay in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and mountain hikes from nearby Lake Bohinj.


Technically, you’d call Jökulsárlón a glacial lagoon rather than a lake but it amounts to the same thing. This is arguably Iceland’s most photogenic locale. Icebergs from the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier calve into the lagoon and gently bob down to the ocean, where the pounding waves fling them back onshore.


Senegal’s Lake Retba has an unusually high salt content. That’s because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The distinctive pink colour that makes this one of the world’s prettiest lakes is caused by the Dunaliella salina bacteria, attracted by the salt. The bacteria produces a red pigment which helps it absorb sunlight. Visit during dry season when the salt – and therefore the pink colour – is at its most pronounced.


One of the main draws of Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, Lake Pehoe is a dream. Its colourful aqua waters contrast with the greys and whites of the snow-capped peaks behind and the mustard and ochre tones of the vegetation that surrounds it. If your energy won’t stretch to the iconic W hike, then content yourself with a lakeshore stroll instead.


Croatia’s chain of interlocking lakes is so stunning UNESCO deemed them worthy of World Heritage status. Sixteen lakes connected by tufa barriers lead to a gorgeous limestone canyon. Surrounded by forest and decorated with waterfalls, this surely has to be one of Eastern Europe’s prettiest spots.

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Located near Queenstown on South Island, Wanaka is one of the prettiest spots in New Zealand. A lone crack willow adds interest and its become so popular with visitors that it’s even got its own Facebook page and social media hashtag. It’s #thatwanakatree if you’d like to add your own snap to the pile.


The Canadian Rockies are home to an astonishing array of lakes, but one of the most stunning is Moraine Lake. Bright turquoise, the lake gets its colour from the process of light refracting off fine particles of rock brought down by glacial meltwater. Canoe, hike or just sit and stare at the beauty of the Valley of the Ten Peaks in which it takes centre stage.


Straddling the border between the Andean nations of Peru and Bolivia, Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake. On it are a clutch of visitor-friendly islands, including the floating islands of the Uros, made from compacted reeds. A homestay on Taquile or Amantani is also a rewarding addition to your South American itinerary.


Italy’s most exclusive lake attracts millionaires and paupers alike. Whether you hop on one of the classic wooden water taxis or content yourself with a seat on the public ferry, it’s a delight to take to the water and alight at one of the many villages that crowd the water’s edge. Our favourite’s Bellagio, whose narrow lanes conceal one-off boutiques and traditional trattorias and enotecas.

Would you like to spend your next vacation by the side of one of these beautiful lakes? Why not give Mundana a call and we can help make that a reality.

The world’s prettiest lakes

written by Julia Hammond

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