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Tobago packs a lot into a relatively small space. Nature is a big draw in this corner of the Caribbean, where you’ll still find deserted beaches and verdant rainforest. Nevertheless, on Tobago there’s also a plethora of cultural attractions including historical sites and art galleries such as the excellent Kimme Museum. Some of the region’s best festivals take place here and they’re a great opportunity to mix with the locals and let your hair down. But don’t pack too much in. Make time to lime – that’s the term the locals use for relaxing with friends – on this laidback island. In between, here’s what you should plan to do on a trip to Tobago.

Head to the beach


If your idea of holiday heaven is a beautiful beach then you’ve come to the right place.  One of the island’s most famous beaches can be found at Pigeon Point, where limpid waves gently lap a pristine beach backed by palm trees. Picturesque Pirate’s Bay can be reached by pirogue or by hiking through the lush countryside. The white coral sand beach of No Man’s Land extends as a narrow spit out into the water. Alternatively, swim in the calm waters of Englishman’s Bay, or snorkel at Nylon Pool or Buccoo Beach where the reef hosts an array of marine life. It’s easy to find a boat trip if you’re keen to get out on the water, with a variety of catamarans, yachts and fishing boats to choose from. Alternatively, in season, watch leatherback turtles nest at places like Grafton Bay and Turtle Beach.

Hike the forest reserve

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Running along the interior of Tobago is the Forest Reserve. It’s UNESCO listed because it’s the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere and as such, it’s a must for hikers. Access the forest at the Gilpin Trace, which marks the trailhead. A 3 mile path leads from here into the lush greenery. That growth needs water, and there’s plenty of it, so make sure your footwear can cope with muddy conditions. Nevertheless, for several hours, you’ll be treated to towering termite nests, dangling lianas and a dense canopy that provides welcome shade. Come early in the morning when the birds are most active, though late risers might still see a hummingbird or woodpecker if they’re observant enough.

Cool off in a waterfall


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One of the most visited places on the island is Argyle Waterfall. Surrounded by woodland, to reach the falls you’ll need to walk for about fifteen minutes on a well-graded, shady trail. Once there, it’s possible to climb up the right side of the falls, but take care as the wet rocks are uneven and can get slippery. They’re the island’s tallest with a drop of 54 metres. Arranged in three tiers, the middle one acts like a Jacuzzi as its rocks double as natural seating. This is ideal if you’re in need of a massage as the falling water pummels your shoulders. The pool beneath is more suitable for those who envisage a relaxing soak. Time your trip to Tobago for the summer rainy season from June to November to see them at their largest.

Explore some of the island’s historical sights

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Tobago’s earliest inhabitants were the Caribs.  Learn more about this period and the island’s later history in the Tobago Museum. Plymouth was Tobago’s very first European settlement, founded by Latvians and later occupied by the Dutch and then the British. Check out the Great Courland Bay Monument to find out about those early pioneers. Fort James dates from 1650, while Fort Granby and Fort King George date from the 18th century. You can also follow a steep and winding road up from Charlottesville to Cambleton Battery. The British built it in 1777 to fend off attack from American warships. Being higher up, they had a useful panoramic view over Pirate’s Bay and beyond giving them plenty of warning if anyone approached.

Attend a festival

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One of the best times to visit Tobago is at Easter, when the island hosts its annual goat and crab races. They’ve been a fixture on the social calendar since 1925. Originally, they were held on Chance Street as a more accessible alternative to the horse races frequented by the upper classes. Races now take place in both Buccoo and Mount Pleasant and are as popular as ever. They also feature in July’s Heritage Festival, a celebration of Tobago’s vibrant culture, food, dance and music. Tobago Carnival takes place each October – creative, colourful and contemporary. A soundtrack of calypso, soca and steel pans accompanies street parades and parties. Other festivals include the Tobago Jazz Experience and the Tobago Blue Food Festival.

Arranging your trip to Tobago with Mundana

Mundana can take care of the arrangements for your trip to Tobago. Airlines such as British Airways fly trans-Atlantic via St Lucia, while Virgin Atlantic can arrange connections through destinations such as Barbados. It’s not currently possible to take a direct flight to Tobago, though schedules evolve so ask at the time of booking if things have changed. You may wish to fly into Trinidad and catch the fast ferry service from Port of Spain to Scarborough. Alternatively, Caribbean Airlines connect regularly with the country’s capital. They also offer direct connections from North American destinations including New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Toronto. Speak to one of the Mundana team about the most suitable accommodation for your needs. Luxury hotels tend to cluster close to the beach near Stonehaven Bay, Turtle Beach or Mount Irvine. Meanwhile cute guesthouses are more spread out across the island – try those around Castara. Why not also consider the possibility of a twin-centre break with another beautiful Caribbean island?

Take a trip to Tobago in the beautiful Caribbean

written by Julia Hammond

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