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It’s hard to tire of beautiful Nice, but when visiting this southerly French city, it would be a shame to miss out on exploring some of the other delights that the area has to offer. There are many unique experiences that can be found nowhere else. The French Riviera has attracted artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Paul Cézanne. But if you’re not an artist yourself, fear not, as your camera can do a great job at helping you to capture the memories that you’ll make along the way. Here are our favourite day trips from Nice.



Not only a glorious spot to visit during the festival season, luxurious Cannes is the crown jewel of the French Riviera. It’s a fantastic destination with so many things to see and do. Stroll along the Promenade de la Croisette, or stop by a fromagerie to pick up some locally produced cheese. We recommend the creamy Brousse du Rove  which is produced in the Provence region. It’s perfect for taking with you to the nearby picnic spot of Port Palm beach at Pointe Croisette for an idyllic beach picnic.


Lavender field

This small town, positively brimming with charm, is located in the mountains just inland and sits just a touch off the radar. Thanks to this, you’ll be afforded peace and quiet while wandering around the maze of cobbled, mediaeval alleyways. Rue de l’Eveche is an especially nice spot to meander along while admiring the building facades and taking in the mesmerising scent of rosemary and lavender that blows in on the breeze from neighbouring farms.



This small, mediaeval walled town sits on a rocky spur enclosed by a looping meander of the River Var. The beauty of the town’s architecture is second to none. Exquisitely crafted stone bridges and ornate balconies that will truly take your breath away. For a panoramic view of the village and the valley that lies below, visit the citadel right at the top of the hill. It was last called into military action in World War Two. Then, it was utilised to hold German Officer prisoners of war. While in town, pay a visit to the old prison, merely as a guest of course!



This picturesque seaside town boasts a café on every corner. They’re perfect for a mid-morning croissant break or a slice of cake in the afternoon.  If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious and intrepid, how about chartering one of the many yachts in the marina? This world-renowned port plays host to superyachts and rustic fishing boats alike and it’s relatively easy for tourists to rent a vessel while there. Not got your sea legs yet? Content yourself with a stroll along the promenade and do a bit of window “shopping”.

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St Paul de Vence

St Paul de Vence

Art lovers, Saint Paul de Vence is the place for you. While Renoir himself may not have painted from this location, it was a favourite spot for Pablo Picasso to stay and work. In fact, you can retrace his footsteps by visiting the Colombe d’Or restaurant where he famously offered up a piece of artwork when he was once unable to pay his bill. Wander along the tiny streets and you’ll stumble upon countless art galleries, with the Bogena Gallery offering not only contemporary art pieces, but also live music, literature, and dance performances. Looking out over the green waves of olive groves to the glittering Mediterranean in the distance, it’s easy to see why so many artists fell in love with this hilltop village.



Aix is known for its beauty, history and culture. When arriving in the city, it’s easy to see why. You’re instantly met by the imposing architecture of Aix Cathedral, beyond which lies a charming Old Town and the abundance of gorgeous stone fountains. Start your day by going to one of the local boulangeries; sit outside in the sun. Sip a cafe au lait and enjoy a freshly made baguette while you watch the world go by. Spend the afternoon taking in some culture at one of the many art galleries. Round off your day with a spot of local wine. Try the AIX rosé from local producer Domaine de la Grande Seouve. Once a truffle farm, this vineyard is now hailed as one of the best wine producers in the region.


Isolated but surrounded by neighbouring hills and mountains, head to the hilltop village of Utelle with its winding streets and stone buildings. The surrounding countryside is a delight. You’ll find there are plenty of hiking trails with the most exquisite views over the snowy peaks of the Alps. Pick of the bunch is the le Brec d’Utelle. It’s an eight mile hike that’s pretty hard going but utterly worth it.


Now that you have had a taste of what the area surrounding Nice has to offer, we’d invite you to start planning the trip of your dreams. And what better way to do that, than with the help of our French travel experts here at Mundana.

Seven day trips from Nice

written by Nadia Aslam

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