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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to travel with so little luggage? Once you pull off travelling light, you’ll find it odd that your fellow travellers take so much baggage. But there are a few tricks we can share if you’d like to shed some of that unnecessary luggage, so why not take a look at our packing tips for your holiday wardrobe before your next trip?

Plan your wardrobe

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Make sure the outfits you pack work hard for you. Base your holiday wardrobe around garments that are easy care, so you don’t have to iron them before you can wear them. Carefully curate pieces so that they can be mixed and matched. Choose a plain white T-shirt, for instance, that works equally well with a casual pair of cut offs by day but can be dressed up with jewellery and strappy sandals for a night out. Colours need to complement each other. Use each trip you take to refine your capsule wardrobe: if it didn’t get worn last trip, it doesn’t get packed next time.

Don’t pack too many shoes


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Shoes are relatively heavy compared to many of the other items you’ll wear. Think about the kinds of activities you’ll be doing. Pack the bare minimum when it comes to footwear. If you plan to hike, consider wearing bulky boots on the plane if you really can’t fit them in your bag. Note, though, this might not be ideal if you’ll be required to take them off as you pass through airport security. Make sure you have comfortable shoes or trainers if you’re planning to do a lot of city sightseeing – pounding pavements can be hard on feet. And think about the weather: you might need something waterproof.

Create space


If space is tight, make sure you aren’t wasting any of it. Rolling items such as sweaters and T-shirts has a couple of advantages. Firstly, it helps to minimise creasing – simply unroll them as soon as you arrive and you won’t need to seek out that hotel room iron. Rolling is also a space-saver. Clothes can be squashed up against each other in your suitcase – you’ll be surprised at just how much more you can fit in. Tuck socks into shoes and use smaller items of clothing to fill nooks and crannies between bulkier items. Packing cubes can help too, as they fit snugly against each other. Choose fabrics that punch above their weight. A thin thermal base layer might keep you as warm as a thick sweater. Yet, it takes up a fraction of the space. Do your homework and don’t take what’s already there. If a hotel provides a robe and slippers, there’s no point in taking your own.

Make use of laundry facilities


There’s a reason hotels offer laundry facilities, so make use of them. It might add a few dollars to your holiday budget. However, this can be offset against money you might save on baggage fees. That’s especially true if you are using an airline that charges for hold items. If you plan to do a lot of laundry while you are away, consider seeking out a commercial laundrette. Take advantage of service washes so you don’t waste your precious vacation time doing chores. Alternatively, the convenience of a self catering apartment with its own washing machine and tumble drier can be a real help.
These packing tips for your holiday wardrobe will soon have you travelling like a pro. The only question you have to answer now is where to go. So why not give the Mundana team a call so we can help you decide?

Packing tips for your holiday wardrobe

written by Julia Hammond

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