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There’s a lot riding on a honeymoon. After the hard work that goes in to preparing for a wedding, this is a time to focus on the two of you as you map out what your life together looks like. It’s one of the most special holidays you’ll have in your life, so it’s important to get it right. Here at Mundana, we’ve come up with some ideas that might fit the bill – and we’re happy to create a bespoke honeymoon itinerary if you’d like us to take the reins. If you’re in search of honeymoon heaven, how about these places to get the ball rolling?

The Seychelles’ splendid beaches

Unsplash/Alin Meceanu

If you’ve set your heart on a traditional beach honeymoon, then it’s hard to beat the beautiful Seychelles. The islands of this Indian Ocean archipelago are littered with stretches of soft white sand. Lapped by limpid, turquoise water and backed by granite boulders and verdant palms, it’s a breathtaking backdrop for romantic walks along the shore. When you’re ready to explore, catch a ride on a boat heading to Praslin. There, in the Vallée de Mai, you can hike through protected forest in search of coco de mer. Alternatively, travel to sleepy La Digue and cycle past giant tortoises to idyllic beaches such as Anse Source d’Argent.

Iceland’s incredible landscapes

Honeymoon heaven doesn’t have to equate to heat. If you’re happy to forgo warm sunny weather, then loop Iceland’s famous ring road. The landscape is raw and rugged, but utterly exquisite. It’s easy to reach quaint fjordside fishing villages and thermal springs in spectacular, remote locations. Ride horses along volcanic black sand beaches, don crampons for a glimpse inside one of the country’s glittering ice caves or hike to remote waterfalls. Book a whale watching adventure, descend into the magma chamber of a long-inactive volcano or simply get acquainted with the charms of its friendly capital, Reykjavik.

USA coast to coast


The USA’s diverse landscapes and lively cities make this the kind of hioneymoon destination that can be designed to suit any couple. From the bright lights of Las Vegas and the music of Nashville, Memphis or New Orleans to the breathtaking mountains of the Rockies and the drama of the Pacific Coast, it’s as varied as they come. Rent a soft-top and see a little bit of everything on a coast to coast road trip. Begin in New York City, head across to Chicago and then work your way westwards until you reach the sea again in California.

Luxury London

Pixabay/E. Dichtl

London knows a thing or two about the VIP lifestyle, from its upscale hotels and luxury Mayfair boutiques to its exclusive nightclubs and the private boxes of its historic theatres. The British capital can be as full on – or not – as you wish. World class museums, together with a clutch of Royal palaces, provide plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Pop a champagne cork at the View from the Shard or from a private pod on the London Eye as you toast to an incredible view over this historic city. For something a little more low-key, take a canalside walk hand in hand or stroll through one of its many leafy parks, the ideal setting for a picnic for two.

India in style


What could be more romantic than the Taj Mahal? The Shah Jahan had this exquisite mausoleum built to honour his wife and to this day it’s synonymous with love. But modern day India can be just as exciting. Former palaces have been reimagined as elegant hotels. The countryside promises exceptional wildlife-spotting opportunities and verdant landscapes. Throw in Kerala’s pretty waterways, best seen from a rice barge, or Goa’s gorgeous beaches and you’ve got the makings of the ideal trip for two.

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Deluxe Down Under


How about a honeymoon to remember Down Under in Australia? The sheer size of this country, not to mention its distant location, means it lends itself to a bigger trip. Save up your holiday entitlement and aim for at least three weeks to see just its highlights. Make sure you spend some time in Sydney enjoying beach life and Melbourne for its cafes and culture. Head up to Queensland to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef and visit the world’s oldest rainforest. Tour the national parks of Northern Territory or venture underground in South Australia’s opal-mining capital Coober Pedy.

Switzerland by train

Unsplash/Xavier von Erlach

There’s nothing like a delayed train to put a dampener on having fun. Fortunately, the Swiss know a thing or two about reliablity, making this one of the best places in the world to enjoy a rail holiday. Couple that with a dense network of track that connects even small villages and myriad cogwheel railways that whisk you up to mountain peaks with magnificent views. Along the way, hike through flower-strewn Alpine meadows, chug across an array of lakes on scenic boat trips and dine in world-class restaurants. Even in summer, it’s possible to find snow, so plan to have some fun snow-tubing too.

Unforgettable Japan

Pixabay/Sasin Tipchai

If you’re looking for something more unusual from your honeymoon, why not consider Japan? This fascinating country has vibrant cities, unspoilt countryside but best of all, quirky culture. In Kyoto, dress up in kimonos, participate in a traditional tea ceremony or wander the alleys of historic Gion. Hop on the shinkansen to southerly Kyushu to take a sand bath together or a dip in an onsen. Travel in the opposite direction to explore the island of Hokkaido, where you’ll find the country’s best skiing in the winter months.

Romantic Italy

Pixabay/Bela Balla

Italy, too, is a romantic choice. Though it’s a little cliched, a gondola ride for two is a lovely way to see the canals of Venice before venturing over to Murano for a souvenir piece of glass to grace the mantelpiece of your home. Double up on a Vespa and explore the Amalfi Coast or winding Tuscan backroads.  Feed each other copious amounts of ice cream in Rome. Sip Aperol Spritzes as the sun sets over the Cinque Terre. Treat each other to designer fashion in Milan’s upscale boutiques or travel to Noto or Taormina in Sicily where the famous and the fashionable hang out.

Whichever you choose, Mundana is waiting for your call to make your dream honeymoon a reality.

Honeymoon heaven: where to kick off your marriage in style

written by Julia Hammond

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