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Langkawi is the archipelago of 99 beautiful islands that stretches across the Andaman Sea in north-western Malaysia.  Owing to its warm and comfortable climate throughout the year, the place is a top choice among travellers. Here are Mundana’s suggestions for five essential experiences in Langkawi.

Ride the world’s steepest cable car

If you are afraid of heights, this 708m high cable car ride is not for you! From the base station at the foot of Machincang Mountain, the Langkawi SkyCab will take you to a single mast curved bridge. A small portion of the 125m long sky-bridge is made of glass through which views of the rainforests shading the slopes can be enjoyed. Enjoy breathtaking views of Langkawi, the Andaman Sea and Machincang Mountain from the skywalk. Must-see sights near to the cable car include a 3D museum and Seven Wells waterfalls.

Dive into the marine world of Pulau Payar Marine Park

Dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life, Pulau Payar Marine Park is home to numerous varieties of corals and fishes. Go for snorkelling, scuba diving or swimming to see sun corals, horse-eye jacks and clown fish. If you are lucky enough, in the warm water you may spot small sharks as well. Fishing for and feeding the marine life are prohibited here but you can always take your favourite snap with an underwater camera.

Relax in the natural saltwater spring at Ayer Hangat village

Did you know that algae can have healing properties? In the eco-tourism village of Ayer Hangat you’ll find traditional Langkawi houses and an open farm with views of Machincang Mountain. This small village is home to a naturally occurring saltwater spring. Although there are many hot springs in the world, saltwater springs are relatively rare. Some visitors believe the algae that float on the water’s surface help rejuvenate and moisturise the body while easing body and muscle pains.

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Explore the mangrove forest at Kilim Geopark

During the 2004 tsunami, the mangroves at Langkawi played a major role in preventing the isles from erosion. Explore the mangrove islands in a boat, stopping off along the way to discover the rich flora and fauna on land. Walk past brown eagles, macaques and monitor lizards and through lush forests to reach limestone caves teeming with bats.

Visit Mahsuri Tomb

If you want to dig deep into the island’s history, pay a visit to Mahsuri Tomb. The white marble slabs of the tomb invoke the saga of the beautiful Mahsuri, a farmer’s daughter or princess, depending on whose account you read. Falsely accused of adultery, she placed a curse on the island; seven generations would face bad luck. Fortunately, the curse is now spent. You can visit the tomb, and a traditional Malay house and museum nearby, without fear of misfortune.

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Five essential experiences in Langkawi: Malaysia’s island gem

written by Maitri De

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