Tanzania’s top national parks

East Africa is one of the world’s top safari destinations. Throughout countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, the area’s national parks await travellers. They arrive, keen to enjoy thrilling wildlife encounters and high quality overnight accommodation. Let’s focus on one of them: here’s what you can expect from Tanzania’s top national parks. Serengeti This

Ten canyons that will take your breath away

If you’re big into hiking, then these breathtaking canyons are likely to get you itching to lace up your boots and set off on your next adventure. But even if you’re a fair weather walker, you can’t fail to be impressed with these beautiful gorges. Without further ado, here are ten canyons that we think

Six fun festivals from around the world

Holidays should be about having fun and what better way to achieve that than by participating in a festival? Here are Mundana’s picks for some of the most fun festivals that take place around the world. Which will you experience first? Holi The Festival of Colours is one of India’s most popular celebrations. It signifies

How to get the most out of a long distance rail trip

Some of the world’s greatest travel experiences are yours for the taking – all you need is a train ticket and some holiday allowance. From the railways of the Rockies to the transcontinental trains of Australia, the choice of scenery is extensive. But picking the route is only the beginning of the adventure. Here’s how

How to take better holiday photos

A decent set of holiday photos are the best souvenir you can bring back from your travels. If you’ve been disappointed with the snaps you’ve taken in the past, we have a few tips that will improve your travel photography skills in next to no time. You don’t even need an expensive camera. Here’s how

Packing tips for your holiday wardrobe

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to travel with so little luggage? Once you pull off travelling light, you’ll find it odd that your fellow travellers take so much baggage. But there are a few tricks we can share if you’d like to shed some of that unnecessary luggage, so why not take

The best cities for music lovers

The famous French novelist Victor Hugo summed it up: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” For most of us, music releases us from the stresses of our everyday life. It’s fun, it’s escapism and it’s emotion. Above all, it helps to define who we are. We’re

How to have an Arctic adventure this winter

If you’re planning on travelling this winter, why not head north for an Arctic adventure? There’s a surprising array of things to do and with the right clothing, you’ll be warm and toasty as you experience some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Here are Mundana’s suggestions for your winter Arctic adventure. Try

Six fascinating ghost towns you must visit

Many of us enjoy visiting ancient ruins and archaeological sites while on holiday. Just as compelling are modern relics. Some of these ghost towns are a casualty of economic change; others were abandoned after catastrophic events. Littered across the world, they make an interesting day out for advocates of Dark Tourism – UNESCO even list

Five unique foods to try on your travels

Food plays such an important role in helping us discover new places. The chance to savour fresh local ingredients and experience longheld traditions is something that gastronomes relish. Sometimes, though, what’s put in front of us is more challenging than a mouthwatering Moroccan lamb tagine or a steaming bowl of Vietnamese pho. Around the world,