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We’re all in the same boat now, or perhaps it’s best we are not given current limitations. So feeling deprived of our usual travel therapy, what can we do without leaving home? If like us you have travel photos languishing unseen on your laptop or in an album, here are some creative ideas to help you keep busy and reminisce about better times.

Take a box frame, easily available online, or fashion your own miniature display case from a cardboard box. Now how about one of these ideas to fill it? Try our boxed vacations – a travel-inspired craft project to try at home.

Inspired by a tropical island?

The white and pink beaches and sandy secluded coves of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas are safe places for kids to explore while Mum and Dad fossick for memories. Ask the kids where you stashed your seashells and chances are they will find a few. Fix your favourite picture to the back of the box. Create an artificial beach with sand or stone from the garden – whatever you can lay your hands on. Decorate tastefully with seashells and relive your holiday.

Want to relive a hike through a beautiful national park?

if you’ve visited one of America’s many beautiful national parks, you may remember the map you were given at the entrance gate. If you went on a hiking tour of Zion National Park, Utah we’ll bet you took dozens of photos along the way, so you have more than a few for your box. Paste a few of them into the box as a collage. You could add interest by marking on the souvenir map where you were when you took the snaps. Then you and your hiking companion could relive memories of a fabulous week in your lives.

Start saving for that dream road trip

Let’s dream the COVID-19 pause is over. Now imagine: you’ve rented a soft-top to drive Route 66 across the USA. Along the way, there are classic diners, quintessentially American motels and more attractions and wonderful scenery than you’ll have time for. You could start saving now with the money you can’t spend on eating out and partying. Cut a slot in the top of the box, and turn it into a piggy bank. By the time the bank notes are up to the dotted line the sheltering may be over, and travel possible again. It’s time to start planning our next adventure. Now let’s see: where will it be?

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When we are tired of London we are tired of life…

As Samuel Johnson famously said when you are tired of London, you are tired of life. Today it’s as true as ever. How about a photo box that gently illuminates your bedroom at night? An image such as this gets you off to a good start because it has bright street lights already. All you need do is position a small battery LED light in the corner and voilà London at Night. We’ll leave it to your imagination what to put in the foreground. A few toy buses and cars borrowed from the kids in exchange for milkshakes should to the trick.

Let’s fly, fly away as free as the birds…

Drum roll please for the ultimate alarm clock. Download the sound of flamingo wings flapping as they take off from a lake. Make this your smartphone alarm tone for the morning. Set the volume just right. Put both in a photo box in the evening. Rise through your dreams and awake to a fresh new day. There’s no end to what we can do with the images in our bottom drawer. Try sizing and cropping seven of them to fit the box. You could have one alarm tone for each day of the week, and know when it’s Sunday and you can sleep in for a while.

Boxed Vacations – a travel-inspired craft project to try at home

written by Richard Farrell

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