5 reasons to visit Rwanda

The East African nation of Rwanda has huge appeal to intrepid travellers seeking breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife and a warm welcome. This landlocked country, known as the land of a thousand hills, is one of the world’s premier spots for gorilla-watching. Its relatively small size allows tourists to pack a lot in to a short

A roundup of the world’s best hot spring destinations

After a tiring day sightseeing there’s nothing better than soaking in a warm tub. Some of the world’s best thermal hotspots allow you to do just that amid spectacular surroundings, while others are strictly for your eyes only with temperatures far too high to be safe for human skin. Travel to destinations as far flung

How to travel to Mars without leaving Earth

As the UAE launches its Mars-bound Hope Probe, here at Mundana we are thinking about places on Earth which have something in common with the Red Planet. If you’re keen to kick start your inter-planetary travels without having to wait for space travel, here’s how to travel to Mars without leaving Earth. Chile’s Atacama Desert

7 reasons to visit Tunisia

North Africa has a wealth of cultural and natural attractions that makes the region one of the most popular tourist destinations in the continent. Tunisia is compact with a developed infrastructure and plenty to do beyond the beach. If you’d like to explore further, here are 7 reasons to visit Tunisia. El Djem Tunisia’s greatest

Are these the world’s best desert destinations?

The world’s deserts have an enduring allure. They offer respite from the busy city, a chance to get out into the wilderness and embrace nature at her most stark. At once extraordinary and inhospitable, they mesmerise the intrepid traveller. Here are some of the world’s best desert destinations to whet your appetite ready for when

Choose your tropical island paradise

Post coronavirus, many travellers will be considering their first destination carefully. Countries who experienced few cases, places where keeping to yourself is relatively straightforward and isolated islands are all likely to factor high on the wish list. With that in mind, here are Mundana’s picks for you as you choose your tropical island paradise. The

The world’s best waterfalls

A waterfront vacation doesn’t have to mean a beach holiday. Sometimes, the holiday of a lifetime takes you far from the coast. We’ve put together a list of the world’s best waterfalls to tempt you. Some are impressively tall, others famed for the volume of water that plunges over craggy rock faces. All are worthy

Taste the world: global foods to cook at home

International travel might be on hold for the moment, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t live vicariously through what you eat. Let the kitchen be your doorway to a culinary world. If you’re keen to taste the world, here are our picks for some global foods to cook at home. Spain: paella What most

6 Places I’m Going When This is All Over

Life will return to normal after we tame the Covid virus. I’ve done my homework while I’ve had spare time on my hands, what with the airlines mothballed and the restaurants closed. These are the six places I’m going when this is all over. Chill on Gam Island in Indonesia’s West Papua Province I’m going