Australia’s 10 most extraordinary national parks

Australia has hundreds of national parks. Technically, most are state managed, though the federal government does share responsibility for the Great Barrier Reef thanks to a special arrangement made with Queensland. It is also responsible for six national parks outright. With so many to choose from, where do you start? Here, with Mundana’s guide to

Need to go, need to know: Big Island, Hawaii

The Hawaii archipelago of 137 islands – eight inhabited permanently – spreads out in the Pacific Ocean across 1,500 miles. It formed during a period of intense volcanic activity. New islands continue to form as the tectonic plate beneath the Pacific very slowly moves northwest. The newest one, Hawaii, is nicknamed Big Island to differentiate

Gems of the South Pacific

The remoteness of the South Pacific for most of us makes this an alluring destination. The many island nations of this great ocean are as diverse as they are interesting. Here are Mundana’s picks for the gems of the South Pacific. Vanuatu The island archipelago of Vanuatu gets its fair share of cruise ship passengers,

Six trips for tea drinkers

Tea to a Brit is like a throne to a monarch or a ball to a footballer – it’s a part of who we are. So as an avid traveller, I’m always on the hunt for a decent cuppa – something that’s surprisingly hard to find. If like me, you love a brew, here are

Must-see highlights of Australia

Planning a first trip to Australia can be daunting. With so many places to see and vast distances to cover if you’re travelling between them, knowing what to include and what to leave out can be tricky. To help you out, here are Mundana’s picks for the must-see highlights of Australia. Sydney Australia’s largest city

The best places to go stargazing

Have you ever looked up to gaze at the stars and been disappointed you can’t see as much as you’d hoped? Unfortunately, in most city skies today, fewer stars are visible. Part of the problem is the light pollution that engulfs these locations. Some of us, too, have the misfortune to live in places where

Must-see New Zealand

For a little country, New Zealand packs a powerful punch. For those on an extended vacation or gap year, hiring a camper van and touring North and South Island at leisure is a tempting prospect. If your time is more limited, you’ll need to be more selective with your stops – and that’s where this