Middle East

6 Israeli Attractions to Interest Everyone

Israel’s warm, temperate summer climate invites people to flock to its beaches on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, where they discover a vibrant, modern culture. However many tourists prefer the archaeological, historical and spiritual sites instead, making Israel a great all-round destination. Welcome to an ancient holy land which has attractions to interest everyone.

Six places you must see if you visit Jordan

Jordan’s one of the most stable countries in the Middle East and a popular choice with travellers who come for its extraordinary natural beauty, long history and rich cultural heritage. If you’re keen to plan a trip, bookmark these six places you must see if you visit Jordan. Petra The sense of anticipation as you

Must-see UAE

The UAE’s attractions extend far beyond its many iconic skyscrapers and malls. Beyond the cities lie mountains, canyons and beautiful beaches, not to mention an awful lot of sand. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss with our suggestions for must-see UAE. The world’s tallest building Dubai’s home to the world’s tallest building. When it was completed

Must-see Muscat

The Omani capital makes a convenient base for seeing some of the surrounding countryside but there are many sites within the city itself that are worth visiting. Here are Mundana’s picks for must-see Muscat. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque The impressive design for the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque was the result of a competition held 25

In search of the Roman Empire

Everyone knows that Italy is stuffed full of the ruined remains of the Empire that once looped the entire Mediterranean region. From the giant Colosseum in Rome to the cart ruts in the excavated streets of Pompeii, there’s plenty for fans of antiquity to visit. But the remnants of this once great Empire can be