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Must see Normandy

Normandy offers visitors a heady mix of history, great beaches and even better food. This versatile region of Northern France is as much fun for families as it is for couples seeking a romantic break away. If you’d like to find out more, read our suggestions for must see Normandy. Mont St Michel Mont Saint

Tanzania’s top national parks

East Africa is one of the world’s top safari destinations. Throughout countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, the area’s national parks await travellers. They arrive, keen to enjoy thrilling wildlife encounters and high quality overnight accommodation. Let’s focus on one of them: here’s what you can expect from Tanzania’s top national parks. Serengeti This

Ten canyons that will take your breath away

If you’re big into hiking, then these breathtaking canyons are likely to get you itching to lace up your boots and set off on your next adventure. But even if you’re a fair weather walker, you can’t fail to be impressed with these beautiful gorges. Without further ado, here are ten canyons that we think

Six fun festivals from around the world

Holidays should be about having fun and what better way to achieve that than by participating in a festival? Here are Mundana’s picks for some of the most fun festivals that take place around the world. Which will you experience first? Holi The Festival of Colours is one of India’s most popular celebrations. It signifies

Seven under the radar UK cities you’d be a fool to miss

City break enthusiasts who set their sights on the UK are, understandably, most likely to focus on London and Edinburgh. Those in the know might venture further afield, to Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Glasgow or Belfast. But if you’re keen to take a less trodden path, then consider these seven under the radar UK

Road trip: Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast

International visitors often overlook Tasmania, Australia’s southerly island state. But it’s relatively small scale and diverse landscape makes this a great choice for a road trip. The east coast is easily doable in a long weekend, so touch down in Hobart, pick up your rental car and start exploring. Here’s Mundana’s guide to what you

Must-see Alsace

In many respects, Alsace is a strange place: a hybrid of France and Germany, the result of a chequered history which saw the region passed back and forth many times. But that difficult past manifests itself in a region that’s fascinating to visit and a delight to explore. In spring, trees laden with blossom make

Costa Rica’s best national parks

Costa Rica has long been a world leader when it comes to protecting its natural environment. More than a quarter of its territory is formally protected. Alongside its 28 national parks, there are countless other wildlife refuges, forest reserves and conservation regions. Together, they ensure that the country’s most beautiful and biodiverse habitats are looked

Do you know your ABCs?

The ABCs – that’s Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao – form a trio of islands in the southern Caribbean. They’re the most westerly of the Leeward Antilles and have a plethora of dazzling white sand beaches. Water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding are popular ways to keep cool under the fierce Caribbean sun. One

Five essential experiences if you’re planning to visit Cyprus

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus receives more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Hot dry summers make it a popular fly and flop destination, but the island has so much more than that to offer. If you’re thinking of spending part of your summer exploring, here are five essential experiences if your planning to

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