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The best places in the world you can reach by ferry

Try something different next time you travel and take the ferry instead of flying. There are many places across the world that can be reached over the water, whether within a city or between two regions or even countries. Often, the journey is as much part of the holiday as the destination itself, a leisurely

Visit the Opal Coast in northern France

The Cote d’Opale, or Opal Coast, extends west from Calais along France’s northern coast. Chalk cliffs and grassy dunes characterise the shore. It gets its name from the way the sand glints and shimmers, taking on an iridescent grey-white hue like an opal in the sunshine. It can get windy here, and pastimes such as

Language barrier? What language barrier?

Perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of travel is realising that we can’t read and don’t understand the language in the place we’ve chosen to visit. Learning a few words and being able to carry out simple tasks in a new language is very satisfying. It can add an extra dimension to your trip.

Mundana’s picks for the best English castles you can visit

England’s heavily fortified countryside and coastline reminds us of centuries past. In medieval times, the threat of attack was real rather than imagined. Residents faced numerous skirmishes, battles and incursions, so it’s no surprise that those who could afford to do so built themselves a fortified base that would be easier to fend off attack.

A brief guide to visiting Norway’s Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten islands are an archipelago off mainland Norway that sit above the Arctic Circle. Idyllic views draw thousands of visitors each year, mainly in summer, for outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and fishing. In winter, the area is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for Northern Lights hunters, thanks to its northerly location.

Must-see San Francisco

San Francisco boasts iconic landmarks and lively neighbourhoods, making this a favourite among travellers. It’s the fourth largest city by population in California. You’ll most likely want to spend at least a few days here before exploring further afield on a road trip or pairing it with another west coast gem such as Los Angeles,

Tips for making your flight more pleasant

Air travel is part and parcel of going on vacation. Often to reach our preferred destination we have to fly. On those occasions when we rule out slower means of transport due to time constraints or geography, we find ourselves sitting on a plane. No matter what class of ticket you hold, here at Mundana

Check out these European capitals of culture

The European City of Culture project was conceived in 1983 as a way to highlight the arts and culture while cementing friendships between European nations. Now rebranded as the European Capitals of Culture, the cities that are chosen hold the title for a year. During this period, a series of cultural events are held which

8 US states you probably haven’t thought of visiting

When we think of a US vacation, chances are we have states such as Florida, New York or California in our minds. Maybe if it’s a follow-up visit, we might plan to explore cities such as Chicago, Boston or Seattle; perhaps we envisage a road trip through New England, the Deep South or Texas. But

Highlights of Kazakhstan

Travellers thinking about a Central Asia trip might overlook Kazakhstan in favour of the culture and history in neighbouring Uzbekistan. But that would be a shame: the largest of the ‘Stans is an unmissable destination in its own right. Among its varied attractions are innovative architecture and dramatic mountain scenery. Whether you concentrate solely on

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