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Feeling blue? These places will lift your spirits

Feeling blue? You’re not alone. For many people in the northern hemisphere, January is a tough month. Summer, with its seductive promise of sunshine and sand, seems like an eternity away. But what better way to get through the long, dark winter than by dreaming of the holidays? Turn blue to your advantage and focus

The world’s best places for nature lovers

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, then chances are you’ll have a favourite type of landscape. Weather, altitude and colour might vary enormously, but the world’s best places for nature lovers are both beautiful and unspoilt. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Mundana’s selection to help you plan your next trip. Mountain:

Must have travel accessories and gadgets

Whether you try to pack light or prefer to throw in everything you might possibly find useful, there are going to be some travel accessories and gadgets that you just won’t want to leave at home. These are the things that make your life easier – or more enjoyable – while you’re away. If you’re

The benefits of a bespoke itinerary

In the internet age, so long as there’s a computer to hand, anyone can go online and book themselves a holiday. But just as owning a spanner doesn’t make you a plumber, neither does being a whizz with a mouse make you a travel expert. Sometimes, there’s just so much information out there that it’s

Luxe for less – Mundana’s guide to affordable luxury travel

Everywhere we look, it seems, is pushing images of luxury travel. Glossy magazines, Instagram influencers and aspirational television shows bombard us with beautiful places and urge us to add them to our bucket lists. But what if you want to travel in style but don’t have an unlimited budget? The good news is that, with

Nine canal cities you must visit that aren’t Venice

Who doesn’t dream of a visit to Venice? If you’ve ever wondered how many miles of canals there are in Venice, this storied lagoon city is known for its 26 miles of waterways. They vary from busy Grand Canal to quiet backwaters known mostly to locals. For centuries, the city thrived as a centre for

How to find the city break that’s perfect for you

Many of us are fans of a city break, that perfect pick me up between longer holidays. We can spend a few days enjoying the stimulation that comes from a change of routine. We might opt for a culture fix, the opportunity to try activities and experiences for the first time, or simply absorb the

The best railway journeys in the world

When was the last time you took a train somewhere? The world’s best railway journeys await those ready to embrace slow travel. As we focus on sustainability for the health of our planet, rail travel offers many advantages.  You’ll usually travel from a convenient city centre station rather than a suburban airport. Lengthy queues are

Epic US road trips you must take

Epic US road trips top many a bucket list. In the land of the Interstate, where the automobile is king, it can be surprisingly hard to plan a road trip. The reason? There’s just so much choice. Narrowing down a plethora of possibilities into an itinerary that will fit neatly into a week or fortnight’s

Your guide to Qatar’s World Cup stadiums

Preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup started in Qatar some time ago. As the tournament approaches, all eyes are on this Gulf nation. Eight brand new stadiums, each with their own unique and interesting designs, have been constructed for the all-important games. Whether you plan to go to Qatar or watch the action on

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