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Nine things you must do next time you’re in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is neither Brazil’s largest urban area – São Paulo’s bigger – nor its capital. But there’s something about this coastal city that gives it an enduring popularity. Want to see for yourself? Let Mundana recommend nine things you must do next time you’re in Rio de Janeiro and find out. Go to the

Visit Chile’s spectacular Atacama Desert

Chile’s Atacama Desert is one of the most spectacular regions in South America. To do it justice, you’ll need a stay of at least four days, preferably more. The nearest airport is that of Calama, about two hours away. From there, you’ll then complete your journey by road, either by bus, taxi or private transfer.

Costa Rica’s best national parks

Costa Rica has long been a world leader when it comes to protecting its natural environment. More than a quarter of its territory is formally protected. Alongside its 28 national parks, there are countless other wildlife refuges, forest reserves and conservation regions. Together, they ensure that the country’s most beautiful and biodiverse habitats are looked

Amazing places you must see in Guatemala

Central America is one of the most rewarding regions of the world for tourism and Guatemala is one of its gems. It has a long and fascinating history and magnificent volcanic scenery. Combine that with the glorious weather and a warm welcome from its people and you’ve got the makings of an incredible vacation. Let

What not to miss in Brazil

Brazil, the fifth largest country on the planet, is as diverse as it is beautiful. But that can be a bit of a headache for visitors, particularly if they’re short on time. Knowing what to leave out and planning long distance travel efficiently is a little trickier than working out an itinerary for a destination

Uruguay – South America’s hidden gem

While many flock to its better-known neighbours, Brazil and Argentina, little Uruguay goes under the radar for many tourists. But within its borders lies a surprising variety of destinations and attractions. If you’d like to find out more, here’s Mundana’s brief guide to Uruguay, South America’s hidden gem. Explore Montevideo, Uruguay’s historic capital Captivating Montevideo

Panama Highlights

The Central American nation of Panama might be small but it packs a lot into the space within its borders. Here are our Panama highlights for a vacation to remember. Panama City The nation’s capital is a good starting point for travellers to this Central American country. Downtown, the skyline is one of glass and

Plan ahead: Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Imagine a place that has it all: an outoor adventure playground with more ancient ruins and historic towns than you can squeeze into a single vacation, a place blessed with great beaches and plenty of sunshine, not to mention an abundance of hotels and restaurants. Imagine no more: that place exists and they call it

Bolivia: explore this fascinating corner of South America

Bolivia is one of only two landlocked countries in the Americas (the other is Paraguay, if you were wondering). Though it’s often described as an Andean nation, its landscapes encompass desert and rainforest as well. 40% of the world’s species are found here and the country’s diverse human population means there are 30 official languages,

Essential Ecuador

The South American country of Ecuador is a fraction of the size of neighbouring Peru and receives half the number of international tourist arrivals. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t visit. With historic cities, bustling markets and some of the most spectacular scenery on the continent, you should certainly consider it as a worthwhile

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