What makes Prague so popular?

The city of a thousand spires, they call Prague, and you only have to gaze out of your hotel room window to understand why. This Eastern European capital is a delight to wander on foot, but what makes Prague so popular? Time to find out… Its appeal is versatile In recent years the city has

Switzerland’s top towns and cities

Switzerland is best known for its lakes and mountains but beside and between them lie some of the world’s prettiest towns and cities. These will be your base if you choose to tour the country by road or by rail. So here is Mundana’s guide to Switzerland’s top towns and cities. Bern The Swiss capital

Bucket list Spain

Spain ranks highly when it comes to the number of international visitors received by countries, beaten only by neighbouring France. Though it’s rightly lauded for its beaches, it offers much more than a fly and flop holiday. If you’re keen to find out more about the kinds of experiences you can have, here are a

Must-see Budapest

Budapest is a great choice for an Eastern European city break: affordable, compact and easily reached from other European cities such as Vienna, Prague and Bratislava. If you’re keen to add the Hungarian capital to your wish list, here are Mundana’s picks for must-see Budapest. Buda Castle Hop on the historic funicular to reach Buda

A bucket list trip to Norway

Scandinavia is safe, friendly and wonderful in equal measure, so planning a bucket list trip to Norway should feature high on your travel priorities. Here are Mundana’s suggestions for this delightful country. Check out the museums in its capital Oslo Oslo’s many museums cater for all interests. Art lovers will enjoy a visit to the

Five essential Lisbon experiences to bookmark for later

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most charming capitals. It boasts appealing neighbourhoods, great food and a long maritime history. Add to that warm sunny weather for a large part of the year and you have a must-do city break. Keen to see what the fuss is about? Here are five essential Lisbon experiences to bookmark

5 Lakes in Switzerland You Really Must See

Landlocked Switzerland sits at the heart of Europe. Boasting a diverse landscape, it reputedly has over 1,500 lakes – although we haven’t counted them all personally. Lakes Geneva, Constance and Maggiore are the largest, though the latter is more commonly associated with Italy. However, there are many smaller treasures that the Swiss may wish to

Iceland: why this mid-Atlantic destination remains as popular as ever

Iceland’s popularity, both as a short break destination and a vacation spot for longer trips, shows no signs of waning. Around 2 million international travellers chose to holiday there in 2019, most commonly for a week-long visit. So what is it that appeals to tourists and what should you do when you’re there? Natural beauty

Five reasons why you should visit Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country on the Adriatic coast between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania, and across the sea from Italy. It is slightly larger than the Falkland Islands, but marginally smaller than the Bahamas. It became a sovereign republic after the breakup of the Soviet Union, and has a fascinating history and a pleasant culture. Kotor