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Antigua’s the perfect Caribbean island for a vacation

The Caribbean is at its glorious best when dry, sunny days make it ideal for both sun seekers and sightseers. With so many islands to choose from, picking which one to visit can be tricky. Antigua scores highly on both natural and cultural heritage, so why not see it for yourself? Here’s why Antigua’s the

Costa Rica’s best national parks

Costa Rica has long been a world leader when it comes to protecting its natural environment. More than a quarter of its territory is formally protected. Alongside its 28 national parks, there are countless other wildlife refuges, forest reserves and conservation regions. Together, they ensure that the country’s most beautiful and biodiverse habitats are looked

Do you know your ABCs?

The ABCs – that’s Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao – form a trio of islands in the southern Caribbean. They’re the most westerly of the Leeward Antilles and have a plethora of dazzling white sand beaches. Water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding are popular ways to keep cool under the fierce Caribbean sun. One

Roatan: Honduras’ must-see island

Roatan is one of the gems of the Western Caribbean. This sleepy island is Honduras’ top attraction, a laidback place where relaxation is top of the agenda. The sun’s hot, the sea’s warm and there are a whole host of activities to do both on land and on the water. This is Honduras’ must-see island,


Ever had that dilemma of being unable to decide between two or even three destinations for your next holiday? Choosing doesn’t need to mean cruising. Instead, take advantage of local ferries and be a little more adventurous. Next time you travel, why not pick a place where it’s easy to flit from island to island

The Caribbean’s best carnivals

The Caribbean is one of the world’s best places for celebrating Carnival. Across the region, you’ll find plenty of spots to dance to the rhythms of soca and calypso as well as watch colourful parades. It’s never too early to start thinking about your Carnival trip, as hotels fill quickly and flights become more expensive.

Jamaica’s natural wonders

Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s most alluring islands. Known for reggae and Rastafarians, its natural beauty is also something to shout about. From its copral beaches to the forested slopes of its verdant interior, here are Jamaica’s natural wonders that you won’t want to miss. Dunn’s River Falls One of Jamaica’s most famous sights

Plan ahead: Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Imagine a place that has it all: an outoor adventure playground with more ancient ruins and historic towns than you can squeeze into a single vacation, a place blessed with great beaches and plenty of sunshine, not to mention an abundance of hotels and restaurants. Imagine no more: that place exists and they call it

Must-see Cartagena, Colombia’s Caribbean gem

Cartagena, perhaps the prettiest city in Colombia, looks outwardly to the Caribbean as much as it does to the country itself. This centuries-old city is a must for fans of history, culture and music. It’s a vibrant and colourful place that warms the soul and gets under your skin. Here’s Mundana’s guide to must-see Cartagena,

Unmissable Barbados: a Caribbean paradise

A-listers have long flocked to the Caribbean island of Barbados for its hot, sunny climate and miles of white sandy beaches. But there’s plenty to discover if you can drag yourself off that sun lounger. Here’s where we’d consider to be unmissable Barbados, a Caribbean paradise. Explore tropical gardens Barbados has plenty of lush foliage.

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