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Must-see Taipei

Taipei’s one of Asia’s most interesting cities. The economic powerhouse of Taiwan, it’s home to around 2.6 million people. Thanks to its many historical and cultural attractions, tourism is a big earner. Why not join the millions of people who visit this vibrant and dynamic place each year? Get inspired with our suggestions for must-see

Visit these beautiful Rajasthan palaces

India’s historic palaces boast magnificent architectural details and opulent interiors. Some can only be admired from the outside while others have been converted into luxurious hotels. Take a look at our picks of some of the most beautiful Rajasthan palaces. Get planning a dreamy Indian vacation when you’re ready to travel again. Jal Mahal Jal

Camels three ways

While once we would have sat on the back of a camel without giving it a second thought, these days there’s a greater awareness of the impact that might have. That means for many of us, our camel riding days are over. But encountering the beasts they call the ships of the desert close up

Which of Indonesia’s Gili Islands is right for you?

Indonesia’s Gili Islands are easily reached from Bali and Lombok. These three paradisiacal islands have sometimes been described as the Maldives of the East. Indeed, as more travellers discover their charms, the number of upscale resorts is rising accordingly. Let us tell you a little more about this beautiful corner of Asia. Which island: Trawangan,

Seoul for first-timers

In comparison to some other Asian cities, Seoul is overlooked by international tourists. That’s a pity as the South Korean capital is a rewarding visitor destination. Here’s what you need to see if you’re planning your first trip to this underrated gem. N Seoul Tower Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the N Seoul Tower

Hong Kong highlights

Hong Kong’s Chinese name translates as “fragrant harbour” and the waterfront is as important today as it was in the past. Years of British rule and its Chinese heritage have created a cultural mash up which provides a compelling reason to visit the territory. Chuck in some extraordinary landscapes, fabulous food and plenty of warm

Thailand’s top temples

Visiting temples should be part of any Thailand vacation. From reclining Buddhas to whitewashed chedis, they’re a feast for the eyes. Here are Mundana’s picks for some of Thailand’s top temples. Wat Pho Let’s start in Bangkok at one of the largest temple complexes in the Thai capital. There you’ll find a 46 metre long

Visit Yerevan, Armenia’s charming capital

Armenia’s attractive capital provides a central base for travellers wishing to visit its many monasteries. But the city itself is not without its attractions. With plenty of things to see and do, Yerevan itself is worthy of at least a couple of days’ sightseeing. Here’s what not to miss if you visit Armenia’s charming capital.

Georgia on my mind

Have you ever visited Georgia? This country on the fringes of Europe boasts incredible scenery, a charming capital city and a friendly welcome. Here are four places you should add to your itinerary if Georgia is on your mind. Tbilisi’s Old Town Leafy squares and a well-established café culture make Tbilisi a treat at the

Highlights of Azerbaijan

Have you ever thought about planning an Azerbaijan vacation? The tourism industry in this nation on the cusp of Europe and Asia is now well established. Its attractions are as diverse as they are easy to reach. Here are Mundana’s favourite highlights of Azerbaijan. Baku Modern meets traditional in the nation’s capital. The Flame Towers