Highlights of Azerbaijan

Have you ever thought about planning an Azerbaijan vacation? The tourism industry in this nation on the cusp of Europe and Asia is now well established. Its attractions are as diverse as they are easy to reach. Here are Mundana’s favourite highlights of Azerbaijan. Baku Modern meets traditional in the nation’s capital. The Flame Towers

Ultimate Uzbekistan

Tourism in the Central Asian republics has been greatly encouraged in recent years. That’s especially the case with Uzbekistan where the government has welcomed international visitors with open arms, loosening visa requirements and investing heavily in tourist infrastructure. If you’re tempted to see for yourself, here are our picks for ultimate Uzbekistan. Samarkand One of

Bali for beginners

The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations. A must for beach lovers, it will also satisfy those seeking a mix of culture, history and good food, not to mention a warm welcome. Keen to go? Read on to find out more about Bali for beginners. The beaches There are

Are these Nepal’s best kept secrets?

The history of Nepal, high up in the Himalaya Mountains goes back to 11,000 years ago. Legends of love, affection, battles, demons and ghosts intermingle with reality there. It’s sometimes hard to tell where the boundary is. Stay with us while we share four of Nepal’s best kept secrets. The Mysterious Goraknath Cave in Gorka

5 Top Things to See & Do in Singapore

Where else can you experience the best of both hemispheres where east and west meet, but in a place like Singapore? With so much to see and do, it can be daunting to prepare an itinerary. So we decided to sample five very different attractions instead. When you’re done with Sentosa Island’s beaches, have downed

Bangkok for beginners

Bangkok is one of Asia’s most rewarding cities. The buzzing Thai capital has a wealth of attractions which delight millions of visitors annually. It’s a fascinating city break destination and the perfect add-on to a longer holiday with easy connections to Thailand’s best beach resorts. Here’s our guide to Bangkok for beginners and some of

Five reasons to visit the Maldives

The Maldives are a group of coral atolls and sand bars 620 miles south west of the southern tip of India. It’s no wonder lovers of pretty views and water sports flock there, given the average altitude of just seven feet above the ocean. Our children may be the last generation to enjoy paradise before

Five essential experiences in Langkawi: Malaysia’s island gem

Langkawi is the archipelago of 99 beautiful islands that stretches across the Andaman Sea in north-western Malaysia.  Owing to its warm and comfortable climate throughout the year, the place is a top choice among travellers. Here are Mundana’s suggestions for five essential experiences in Langkawi. Ride the world’s steepest cable car If you are afraid

South-East Asia’s top UNESCO spots

The number and variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be found in South-East Asia cement this region’s position as a top travel destination. Here are Mundana’s picks for South-East Asia’s top UNESCO spots. Angkor Wat, Cambodia Angkor’s one of those places that will take your breath away.  From the majestic moated Angkor Wat

The wonders of Turkey’s Cappadocia region

Turkey is, of course, well known for the glorious beaches of the Turquoise Coast, historic Istanbul and the UNESCO-listed ruins of Ephesus, but the interior is a rewarding destination in its own right. That’s never truer than in Cappadocia. Tempted to book a trip? Here’s a rundown of the wonders of Turkey’s Cappadocia region. Marvel