Five unique foods to try on your travels

Food plays such an important role in helping us discover new places. The chance to savour fresh local ingredients and experience longheld traditions is something that gastronomes relish. Sometimes, though, what’s put in front of us is more challenging than a mouthwatering Moroccan lamb tagine or a steaming bowl of Vietnamese pho. Around the world,


Ever had that dilemma of being unable to decide between two or even three destinations for your next holiday? Choosing doesn’t need to mean cruising. Instead, take advantage of local ferries and be a little more adventurous. Next time you travel, why not pick a place where it’s easy to flit from island to island

Five things you must do in Barcelona

Barcelona might not be the Spanish capital, but this Catalan city is fiercely proud of its heritage and culture. With some of the world’s most unusual architecture, world-class museums and glorious beaches, there’s no end of things to do if you holiday here. Here are Mundana’s recommendations for five things you must do in Barcelona.

What to see on an extended layover in Doha

If you’re changing flights in Doha, why not hang around for a few days to discover what the city has to offer? The capital of Qatar has changed immeasurably over recent years. These days, it offers plenty of reasons to hang around for a while. Here’s what not to miss. Museum of Islamic Art This

Seoul for first-timers

In comparison to some other Asian cities, Seoul is overlooked by international tourists. That’s a pity as the South Korean capital is a rewarding visitor destination. Here’s what you need to see if you’re planning your first trip to this underrated gem. N Seoul Tower Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the N Seoul Tower

Where to include on a California road trip

California’s one of the best states in the US to take a road trip. Fly into San Francisco and out of San Diego, but stop off along the way to explore national parks, encounter wildlife and visit historic sights. Here are some places to include on a California road trip. San Francisco Start your California

Iceland off the beaten track

Iceland’s justifiably popular for holidaymakers seeking something a little more interesting than a fly and flop vacation. But one trip to this North Atlantic gem won’t be enough. Here are Mundana’s suggestions for some off the beaten track attractions to set you up for a return visit. Studlagil Canyon This place is all about the

How to do Sicily like a pro

The island of Sicily sits off the toe of Italy’s boot. It has six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seven if you include the volcanic Aeolian archipelago that’s just an hour’s ride away by hydrofoil. Its long history, rich cultural heritage and dramatic natural beauty captivate visitors. Its coastline is littered with beautiful beaches, while inland

What to see on a visit to Ghana

Ghana is one of West Africa’s most enticing countries. Unspoilt beaches and lush forest provide a breathtaking backdrop to the many historical sites. Meanwhile in its vibrant cities, its rich cultural heritage and a warm welcome are equally compelling. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself but don’t know where to start, here’s

Why not make Berlin your next European city break?

For many tourists, the reason to visit Berlin is because of its 20th century past. Divided after World War Two, they come to see Communist-era memorabilia and a preserved section of the infamous wall. Beyond that, there’s plenty of great architecture, interesting museums and a buzzing nightlife scene. Here’s why you should put Berlin at