Jamaica’s natural wonders

Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s most alluring islands. Known for reggae and Rastafarians, its natural beauty is also something to shout about. From its copral beaches to the forested slopes of its verdant interior, here are Jamaica’s natural wonders that you won’t want to miss. Dunn’s River Falls One of Jamaica’s most famous sights

Bali for beginners

The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations. A must for beach lovers, it will also satisfy those seeking a mix of culture, history and good food, not to mention a warm welcome. Keen to go? Read on to find out more about Bali for beginners. The beaches There are

Six places you must see if you visit Jordan

Jordan’s one of the most stable countries in the Middle East and a popular choice with travellers who come for its extraordinary natural beauty, long history and rich cultural heritage. If you’re keen to plan a trip, bookmark these six places you must see if you visit Jordan. Petra The sense of anticipation as you

What makes Prague so popular?

The city of a thousand spires, they call Prague, and you only have to gaze out of your hotel room window to understand why. This Eastern European capital is a delight to wander on foot, but what makes Prague so popular? Time to find out… Its appeal is versatile In recent years the city has

Six places you must visit in Egypt if you love history

From the Delta in the north to the Sudanese border in the south, there’s almost no better place on earth for history fans than Egypt’s Nile Valley. Fascinating sites such as the Pyramids provide a tangible link to the ancient past while at places like El Alamein, the story’s more recent but just as compelling.

How to travel to Mars without leaving Earth

As the UAE launches its Mars-bound Hope Probe, here at Mundana we are thinking about places on Earth which have something in common with the Red Planet. If you’re keen to kick start your inter-planetary travels without having to wait for space travel, here’s how to travel to Mars without leaving Earth. Chile’s Atacama Desert

Switzerland’s top towns and cities

Switzerland is best known for its lakes and mountains but beside and between them lie some of the world’s prettiest towns and cities. These will be your base if you choose to tour the country by road or by rail. So here is Mundana’s guide to Switzerland’s top towns and cities. Bern The Swiss capital

7 reasons to visit Tunisia

North Africa has a wealth of cultural and natural attractions that makes the region one of the most popular tourist destinations in the continent. Tunisia is compact with a developed infrastructure and plenty to do beyond the beach. If you’d like to explore further, here are 7 reasons to visit Tunisia. El Djem Tunisia’s greatest

Panama Highlights

The Central American nation of Panama might be small but it packs a lot into the space within its borders. Here are our Panama highlights for a vacation to remember. Panama City The nation’s capital is a good starting point for travellers to this Central American country. Downtown, the skyline is one of glass and

Are these the world’s best desert destinations?

The world’s deserts have an enduring allure. They offer respite from the busy city, a chance to get out into the wilderness and embrace nature at her most stark. At once extraordinary and inhospitable, they mesmerise the intrepid traveller. Here are some of the world’s best desert destinations to whet your appetite ready for when