Which island should you choose for your Seychelles trip?

If ever somewhere deserved to be labelled paradise, then surely this is it? The Seychelles is a beautiful island archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Though it is popular as a honeymoon destination, its charms are in no way reserved for loved-up couples. In fact, choose the right spot and it’s just as perfect for families,

Highlights of Namibia

Namibia’s glorious scenery will blow you away. This southern African country is blessed with incredible deserts, dramatic canyons, desiccated salt pans and mile upon mile of breathtaking coastline. If you’re tempted to add it to your African bucket list, then here are our suggestions for what to include on your highlights of Namibia itinerary. Sossusvlei

Skye Five: what not to miss on Scotland’s most famous island

The Isle of Skye is linked to the Scottish mainland by a road bridge, which might explain its popularity with visitors. But convenience isn’t the only reason tourists descend on the place – there are distilleries, charming pubs and castles littered all over the island. But the showstopper is the landscape itself, which has a

Georgia on my mind

Have you ever visited Georgia? This country on the fringes of Europe boasts incredible scenery, a charming capital city and a friendly welcome. Here are four places you should add to your itinerary if Georgia is on your mind. Tbilisi’s Old Town Leafy squares and a well-established café culture make Tbilisi a treat at the

German Hansa cities to add to your bucket list

Back in the 12th century, a group of German cities banded together to strengthen their trade advantage and bolster defence against those who would destroy them. They were known as the Hanseatic League, a body which also encompassed cities in Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and even the UK. In 1862, the organisation

Have you considered a trip to Salalah?

Subtropical Salalah is a smart choice for a vacation, no matter what time of year you plan to travel. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss from this Omani gem. Frankincense from the souk This part of Oman is known as the Land of the Frankincense. In the countryside surrounding the city, Boswellia sacra trees provide some

Must see Malta

The Mediterranean island of Malta offers a warm welcome to visitors. Since gaining independence in 1964, it’s since become a member state of the EU. With a warm, sunny climate most of the year and plenty of things to do, it’s one of those great all-round destinations with something for everyone. Here’s Mundana’s guide to

Five reasons to visit Santorini

Of all the Greek islands, Santorini is the one that’s synonymous with luxury travel. Forget the rustic Mamma Mia charm of other parts of the country, here it’s all about swanky boutique hotels, infinity pools, cocktails at sunset and of course those million dollar views of the famous caldera. Tempted? Here are five reasons to

6 Israeli Attractions to Interest Everyone

Israel’s warm, temperate summer climate invites people to flock to its beaches on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, where they discover a vibrant, modern culture. However many tourists prefer the archaeological, historical and spiritual sites instead, making Israel a great all-round destination. Welcome to an ancient holy land which has attractions to interest everyone.

Highlights of Azerbaijan

Have you ever thought about planning an Azerbaijan vacation? The tourism industry in this nation on the cusp of Europe and Asia is now well established. Its attractions are as diverse as they are easy to reach. Here are Mundana’s favourite highlights of Azerbaijan. Baku Modern meets traditional in the nation’s capital. The Flame Towers